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Centre for Jersey

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Improving Cyber Resilience

About the Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Jersey’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) is responsible for promoting and improving the cyber resilience across the Island’s critical national infrastructure, business communities and citizens to reduce the risk and impact of major cyber incidents in Jersey.

Jersey’s CERT forms part of an international cyber emergency response network and represents the interests of Jersey internationally, helping to maintain and strengthen the Island’s international reputation as a safe place to live and to do business online.

The CERT can also provide expert assistance in the case of a cyber security incident. The CERT is an independent voice for cyber security and designed to operate at arms length from Government.

Cyber security

How the CERT can help your business or organisation

The CERT is run by cyber security experts who can provide cyber security advice and best practice guidance on the management of cyber security risk to help you raise the awareness of the importance of cyber security within your own business, as well as help with incident response processes, policies and procedures.

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Contacting us or reporting a cyber security incident

Report any cyber security incidents to your internal business cyber security team first. Your internal security team will contact the CERT, who can provide expert assistance irrespective of the size of your business or nature of your cyber security incident.

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